In C + +, as the name suggests, in essence, C is based on the programming language. Thus, C in the early 1970s at Bell Labs have developed a brief history of Dennis Ritchie, C start, but recommended. This, UNIX systems implementation language developed operating system. The history of Unix and C are closely intertwined. I did some C-C in these reasons, many of the Unix programming language, not the type that originally was based on BCPL, which was increased further.

C + + programming language is invented by Bjarne Stroustroup. Works shall be changed from C + + was started in 1979. The first version, the “Class C” was called. This name is not working well was replaced with C + +. The first version of C + in August 1983 AT & T – were used inside. The first commercial implementation was released in 1985. C + + language, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard for handhelds. In many cases, this is why a pure ANSI C + + standard for C + +, or based on the ISO standard C + + sounds like.

Please note! I have a lot of extensions that use a particular compiler or operating system, pure C + + is described. Some of them, it is determined that the non-standard are covered in this article